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Zombasite free download



Address: Zombasite

Genre: Action, Rock, RPG, early access

Developer: Soldak Entertainment

Publisher: Soldak Entertainment

Date: October 14, 2015

About this game

Action RPG zombie apocalypse Zombasite in the dynamic world of evolving fantasy for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Dark Elves have always gespeeldie God of creation and improving slave creatures underground. If they have a horde of zombies to destroy the devil Citi ruckus, dark elves tantalized by razarajućisnagazombiesuncontrolled and want to manage and increase. Weaved their magic when they dominated verskeievasgevang zombies went wrong!

key features

Zombie apocalypse survival in the world of fantasy

The worlds created a unique experience for each game, the different areas, monsters, items and tasks

Find the dynamic evolution, world, live

Keep their personalities and skills clan volgelingewat themselves

The direction of the relationship with tribes competitive ddefnyddiodiplomyddiaeth, trade, war,and raids

Cooperative multiplayer adventure together with friends

Your choice really affect the game!

system requirements


OS: Windows XP or later

Processor: Core Duo GHz (or equivalent)

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Graphics: GeForce 2 or better

Storage: 350 MB of free space


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